Virus detected in my passbook essential 3.0 firmware update 1.014!

hi im new just installed software that came with drive and wanted to make sure i download all the updates. well my  zonealarm antivirus detected a possible virus in the firmware it scanned before i ran it. it is the firmware update 1.014 for my passbook essential  wdbacy5000abk-00. anyone heard  of this b4 ?:mansurprised:

It’s probably a false posative. Can you save it as a file with out installing? If so you can submit to Virus Total  and it will be scanned with mutiple AV programs. I’m not a fan of ZA and ditched it years ago. There are plenty of free ones.


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Please make sure you downloaded the official file directly from our website to ensure that there was no tampering with the file that you have. (  The file from our website will not contain a virus.  Zone Alarm may be reporting a false positive due to the nature and behavior that our program exhibits (communication with a USB device at a low level).


Brandon  D    thank you for getting back !! I reran the download from your link and got same message. I also ran the virus total scan as suggested from another friendly member and got only 1 positive trojan from a total of 43. I noticed your download said publisher was unknown and zonealarm says the downloa falls into characterics with malware. Should I just go ahead and install ?

The scanner is picking up the behavior of the updater, which may trigger a false positive as it is interacting with hardware.