Virgin Disk Image for EX2 Ultra needed

Can anyone please share a virgin disk image for Ex2 Ultra.

I have an EX2 Ultra with 2x2 TB disks with raid 1 and I have completely messed up my disks.I do not need the data from the disk but I just want to get my EX2 Ultra working

If I get a 2TB virgin disk image for EX2 Ultra I think I will be back in business.

EX2s don’t have a virgin disk image. Disks can be completely wiped and the unit should still function.

Well,before I wiped my disks, I had connected the disks to Ubuntu and saw a few parttions there but I did not create an image of the disk.
Currently the Firmware on my EX2 is pretty messed and I cannot even upload a new firmware from the recovery page. When I try to upload a .bin file I see a spinning circle but not network traffic to the NAS as all.

I fixed the NAS. I agree with you. EX2 Ultra does not have any virgin disk image.
After fixing the NAS I connected the HDD to my Windows computer and deleted all partitions. Connected the blank HDD to the NAS and all looks good now.