Viewing Photos

I recently purchased this media player and really like it a lot.

I do have one problem that is a little annoying.  I don’t know if its just me or not, but when I view photos, and I use the arrow key to move to the next full screen photo, there seems to be a lag of several seconds before it shows the next photo. 

I do have the Pivos player also, but it does not have that lag for the same photos (I dislike the Pivos player for many other reasons, and will be returning that and keeping this WD player).

I did buy this mainly to store my own movies, but the photos are something I will store on it also.

I tried it again just now, although it seems a little faster now for whatever reason.  Its about 2 seconds between photos.  

I just realized that I can bring up a row of thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, while viewing full screen photos, by using the down arrow key.  That will help a lot and probably doesn’t make this a big deal or anything, I can scroll through those quickly.

I have notice that this player will scroll pictures faster once the picture have been viewed at least once, it is like this have cache for the photos ( I know it does not).

What is the resolution of your photos?

They are 10MP photos, about 5.6MB each.

When I try to display my 4Mb photos the WD takes 10 seconds to load them. A quick network trace shows the WD loads them at a rate of 3Mbps! This is on a wired Gigabit network. I can get streaming speeds of in excess of 30Mbps, but for photos its terrible.

My Samsung Smart TV and AC Ryan display the same photos over the same network, same DLNA server in 1-2seconds. And the network trace shows 25Mbps.

Whats wrong with the WD TV Live SMP?


I found if I downgrade to firmware 1.07.18 the prictures take a reasonable 2 secs to appear instead of 10 secs+.