Viewing NAS is window explorer mode

Just purchased my new EX4.

setting up withou issu and was trying view my NAS in the window explorer mode and find that i can see my individual HDD.

However in my WD Dashboard … I can see all the hdd without problem

Trying to see if I can view my NAS when expanded show all for individual drive instead of


  Public > Shared Music / Shared Pictures / Shared Videos

  Smartware >

  TimeMachineBackup >

Can I delete the above folders…?

thanks for readings

To delete Smartware and TimeMachineBackup, select them in the web dashboard app and click the - (minus) button immediately below the list of share names. Public share unfortunately cannot be deleted. But if you don’t need Public share, I believe the current firmware lets you set the read and write permissions as you wish…and you can deny access to it for all or select users.

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