Viewing JPGs from a Nikon D90 on NAS possible?


I have my pitcures from a Nikon D90 (4288 * 2848 pixel) on a Samba-Share of a Synology DS212j-NAS.

Is it possible to view them over a Western Digital TV HD Live Streaming Media Player on TV?



Could you post a photo on mediafire or another site? No problem to try it for you, I have also an Synolody DS212j overhere.

Thanks a lot.

Here is one:


It worked great. I have made a youtube video for you.

I used my photocamera to shoot the movie, the resolution of my camera in video record mode is ony 640x480 pixels, so the youtube video is not in HD format, but on my television the photo looked great.

So you can defintely watch JPGs from a Nikon D90 on your DS212j NAS without any problems.

That’s great. Thank you for your quick and enthusiastic answer and help!

Regards Roman