Vidoes without sound

Hello, I just bought a WD My Cloud 3 TB. I converted a Movie-DVD with WinX DVD Ripper. When I look the Movie directly from my computer I have the sound. When I send the MPEG4 Movie to My Cloud I can see the film but there is no sound. Can someone help me out? Kind regards Thomas

Are you using the same program to view the media file on the My Cloud that you used to view the file when it was stored on your computer?

What program or software are you using to view the media file?

Generally when video plays but audio does not, it is a problem with the media file using a audio codec (a codec is used to encode and decode audio or video) that the media player does not support. Sometimes reencoding the media file using standard formats will solve the problem, other times one has to install the codec to their computer or playback device.