Videos Skipping?

The main reason I bought 5 of the WD live thv hubs were to have them playing music videos at 5 different restaurant locations plus my own programming designed just for the restaurant…I obviously edit all these videos with my programming and make them large files which are in .m4v file (works perfect on my pc, mac etc…quicktime, itunes) so they way I do it I have split the huge project into lets say 10 projects and each of those projects is a .m4v file that holds about 3-4 hrs of music videos…myyyy problem is that I have for example all files from project 1 to project 10 playing in a loop…when I do this some projects might skip or lets say for example it’ll play 3 videos from the 2nd project and skip to the 3rd project without playing the complete file…Can anyone help? why is this having problems either reading or working with this file if I have checked and exported the file in several ways and the file is perfect…???


You were able to solve this issue?