Videos not fully shown on screen

I was wondering why the images are slightly cropped (i.e. zoomed in) when shown on a standard def TV? If I am watching an image I want to see the full image without having to move the image from side to side. Please fix this error.

If anything allow people to turn on/off this feature or make the zoom in/out better by allowing the image to be zoomed out a tiny bit. 

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I just want to bump this up a bit because this issue bugs me MORE than anything else! Why on earth is everything cropped? Please some response would be great because if there is no solution this is a deal breaker for me.

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I agree this is horrible. I can zoom out if necessary, but then what’s the point of my new TV. The default should be proportional zoom (fit to horizontal). This must be fixed immediately. Please.

Here is an example of what is missing currently. I have posted this on the Idea Exchange.

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When I had a computer connected to my standard definition TV, I had a choice of using “overscan” or not. I think the WDTV Live is overscanning the picture to make it slightly larger than the image our SD TV’s will provide in order to keep from having black borders on the left and right sides of the screen. That’s what I got if I didn’t select “overscan” on playback from my PC, anyway.

If I remember right, TV images are 720x480, while the most basic resolution for computer output is 640x480. This seems to be what the WDTV Live supplies for standard definition TV. So you’d have black borders on the left and right unless you zoom in somewhat.

I don’t like it, either. WD should provide an option to turn off the overscanning. So far, they haven’t been really responsive to bigger problems, so why would they address this one?

  1. I don’t have this problem - perhaps your tv is set up wrong? (or old)

  2. This is not support forum, this is not a suggestion forum. No amount of whining in this forum is going to change anything. There are a few moderators who drop by, but that is prevent people from fighting.

  3. If you do have a problem and nobody here can offer a suggestion then contact support (which is not this forum).

  4. I you feel something should be changed in the device, post it in the ideas forum - where it will be read but may be ignored (especially if its things they never promised you in the first place)

Ideally would be an option to manually adust X / Y position and size of video at pixel level.

From your example above, the image is displayed outside the SAFE AREA - a standard TV’s signal is overscanned.  Actually, without realizing it, when you watch standard TV you are NOT seeing the full picture either, when you rent movies on DVD, same thing, there is some info lost in the overscan area.  Which is why some editing software have what is called “SAFE AREA” border to allow you to edit your titles to remain in the safe viewable area - Same for film production, when monitoring on monitors they too see safe area borders.

At the movie theather the image is projected and you will see the entire image.   On a TV, you are not seeing the entire image.

The WD Live is not cropping or zooming it is displaying the full image, much the same way your dvd player or a live cable broadcast is displaying full image and parts of it are cropped out.  The reason it doesn’t appear this way with movie DVDs and cable broadast is because in post they keep their titles and subjects within the safe area.

Non CRT TVs (LCD, Plasma, OLED) work differently and will display an ENTIRE image.

If you plug the same output to an LCD you will see the FULL image displayed.

I think the WD Live or any other version, is meant especially for LCDs.

Yes I think WD should add an option to manually adjust H/V position & size much like you can do on a monitor.

That would be a great feature.