Videos from Samsung S7 not showing up in WD MyCloud DLNA

Hi, I’m having this a problem with certain video files now showing up on my LG Smart TV and Philips Smart TV too!

Seems to be happening after I’ve upgraded my phone to Samsung S7 edge - all the videos taken with the phone and uploaded via WD Photo doesn’t seem to want to show up via DLNA! The files seemed to be of a higher quality than those from my older Samsung phones. Using the phone to edit and saving in a lower quality works, but having to do this for every video is going to be a pain since I take a lot of videos with phones - having growing kids you know . :smile:

Anyone knows of a way to tweak WD My cloud so it will expose these files as well? Since the extensions are “,mp4” as well, I’m wondering how is WD detecting these files and deciding NOT to expose them?

Any chance WD going to issue an update to fix this please - given that lots of newer phones are going to create these new videos?

I’ve seen this issue before but I couldn’t test myself since I don’t have that phone. I think is because for some reason that Twonky version might not work with 4K. I saw similar issues with 4K pictures being re escalated to a lower resolution.

For the 4K pictures issue, what I found is that if changing the media receiver type for the TV to Windows7/8 was resolving the problem. You can check if this also work for you.

Hi, what do you mean by “re escalated”? Do you mean downgrade it?
It’s actually not pictures but movies I’m having problem with. Would be a pain to downgrade/regenerate the movies, I’ve accumulated a lot from holiday trips.

Oddly enough, I turned on my old Synology NAS from 8 years ago and it still works after putting in a new harddisk, and those same movies copied over there works fine! I’ve since moved back to Synology. Hope WD fixes this problem. Seems weird that an older NAS would not have this problem from movies taken with a new phone.