Video Won't Stop Streamng after Trying to Jump to Specific Time

Within the last week or so, whenever I try to jump to a specific time the video continues to play without moving to the entered time.  Not only does it keep playing, but I can’t stop it from streaming without shutting down the WD TV Live.  If I stop it, the option screen comes up as expected.  But the movie continues to play in the background (I am basing this on the fact that the audio continues to play through my surround system even though the video is not on the screen).  As well, if I continue to watch the movie after trying to skip to a specific time, the screen saver comes up during playback like it does when the WD TV Live is idle.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this behaviour after months of being able to skip to a specific time without a problem would be greatly appreciated.



What type of file is the one that you are playing?

I would like to test that.  Or is that happening with Avery file?

this more likely has to do with how the file is streamed/access

example a upnp controller may still be sending the stream to the WD

which is a upnp renderer

as for playing in background

that is usually a result of missing or invalid meta information

which would also support

upnp send correct meta at beginning of file

as stop/fwd, the upnp controller, does not stop or when resumes does not send the meta info again

and there WD is still receiving the stream without any valid meta, which would get rendered in the background