VIDEO TS stutter issued fixed on smp

Hi all

I am currently on the latest smp firmware and I have been playing around with my SMP lately and was wondering why when i stream my burned dvd’s (VIDEO_TS) from the live hub to the SMP does it continually stutter. The simple solution is when streaming video ts files the SMP does not like the fact that the files have dvd navigation like chapters etc attached to it.

Thier is no need to convert your video ts files to another format!!!

All you need to do is go to setup on the SMP and turn off the dvd navigation option. All ripped dvds will now function without stuttering but you will loose the ability to jump chapters. This isn’t a big deal to me as you can jump in 10 minute intervals by fast forwarding anyway.

Unfortunately this doesn’t fix the m2ts blurays i have but its a step closer anyway.

Nice, thanks for sharing.