Video Streaming Issue

Okay, I have combed through all the posts on here and I don’t see one with the exact same issue I’m experiencing. I have a WDTV Live Hub on my home network. It is hooked up directly to my Zenith TV. Also on the network are my Sony Bravia TV and my Windows 7 PC. On my PC I have a variety of videos (.mov, .avi, .mpg)  that I have taken with different devices. From my WMP on my pc I can stream those movies to my Sony Bravia and they work fine. I copy them directly to my new hub, they show up in the library and I can play them fine to the Zenith TV that the hub is hooked up to.  However, my Sony Bravia does not see them on the hub. It sees the hub just fine but does not see the videos. I am confused because I know the Bravia can play these videos, I know the hub can host the videos, but the videos do not show up in the library when viewed from the Sony Bravia. Hopefully this is some simple operator error  that is easily resolved. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.

Is the Bravia accessing the Hub via Twonky?  (The DLNA interface) or a Network Share?

Via a share. I don’t have Twonky enabled.

Actually, I do have Twonky enabled and that is what I am accessing the content on the hub through. My videos do not show up on the Bravia this way. The same videos that do show up on the Bravia when streamed from my pc via WMP. Could it be that WMP is doing the transcoding for the Bravia but the WDTV Live Hub (Twonky) is not?

It’s possible, but I don’t think the PC transcodes in real time. Not sure, though. You’d need to consult the bravias manual to see what file types are supported.

Bravia manual says DLNA: MPEG2, LPCM, MP3, and JPEG. WMP must be doing the transcoding because I can play .wmv, and .mov files on the Bravia streaming from WMP.

Yes, your right WMP does transcode the video.  About the only two things that you can do is either reencode them to something that is compatible, or you could add the HUB to the media library of WMP and then play them though WMPs media server.

Or you could go the more price option and buy another HUB or pick up a cheap preowned WDTV Live or Live Plus at Cowboom.