Video some times stalls

I was having a problem regarding playing a video, i have notice that, some time the video plays well, some times dont. (the video stalls and bumps a bit and after 2, 3 seconds plays allright during 20 seconds and them e repeat the same problem)

and i notice that some times when i power up the WD live, there is too much activity on the harddrive, some times no activity at all.

and when playing a video with the first symptom, i verify that this is problem. I thought this was because the enable Media library, because when i disable it, the problem stoped.

but after a new power up i had detected that this was not the issue.

My question is:

Is there a problem with the index - related to the firmware - or a problem with my harddrive IOMEGA 320Gb??

for now i know that i have to wait for disck activite to stop before playing media

With disc drives that need to power up to access you do need to wait a bit before they are ready to play, so sometimes you need to start a video that starts the drive off, and then pause, and then play again.  This is just due to the nature of hard drives that have “power saving” modes on them.

If there are options to turn this off on your drive you won’t have this issue (then again, they will spin all the time which may not be what you want).