Video sharing problem. can’t get help from support

I tried to share a video by sending the link to friends through imessage. My friend can see the file, but can’t play it. Struggled with the problem for a long time. The support from WD only suggested me to do 40s reset.
Frustrated, anyone can help please?
Here is link below

I clicked your link … but my PC/Browser (Firefox) only would display a “Download” option (couldn’t play it directly through the browser)

Edit: same thing with Google Chrome … also had to disable Adblock Plus before the video link would appear for download.

Anyways, it downloaded fine and was able to play the file using a media player (VLC and Media Player Classic Home Cinema) on my PC.

any idea why can’t stream it?

@tomyin are you opening the link on iPad, iPhone or macOS computer browser?

yes,that’s what I did.
basically what I want to do is sharing a video from my cloud to my friend’s instant message imessage or whatsapp. Currently I failed to achieve that

@tomyin the sharing link issue reported in this thread has been escalated to our engineering team for evaluation. Sounds like it’s limited to shared links being opened on the iOS platform.

it can be streamed on Android phone,just tested.
but I do remember I can do it on iphone in before.
why is that?