Video Playlist wont play in order

I’ve only had my WDEP a few days. It’s take a little while to work out what format videos need to be in for the m3u playlist to work. Now that have that problem solved the WDEP reads the playlist but will not play them in the correct order, it reverts back to alphanumeric sorting. I’m tried m3u,wpl, and pls formats, all have the same issue. Audio playlist also have the same issue. Anyone able to help

Hi, I don’t have that problem in winamp created audio playlists. I have no idea what the solution for you might be but below is an example of mine which plays correctly in order. Hope that helps.

#EXTINF:458,Communic - Conspiracy in Mind
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\01 Conspiracy in Mind.mp3
#EXTINF:408,Communic - History Reversed
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\02 History Reversed.mp3
#EXTINF:593,Communic - They Feed On Our Fear
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\03 They Feed On Our Fear.mp3
#EXTINF:448,Communic - Communication Sublime
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\04 Communication Sublime.mp3
#EXTINF:488,Communic - The Distance
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\05 The Distance.mp3
#EXTINF:405,Communic - Ocean Bed
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\06 Ocean Bed.mp3
#EXTINF:659,Communic - Silence Surrounds
\w_mp3\Communic\2005 Conspiracy in Mind\07 Silence Surrounds.mp3
#EXTINF:502,Communic - Under a Luminous Sky
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\01 Under a Luminous Sky.mp3
#EXTINF:537,Communic - Frozen Asleep in the Park
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\02 Frozen Asleep in the Park.mp3
#EXTINF:414,Communic - Watching It all Disappear
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\03 Watching It all Disappear.mp3
#EXTINF:540,Communic - Fooled by the Serpent
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\04 Fooled by the Serpent.mp3
#EXTINF:492,Communic - Waves of Visual Decay
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\05 Waves of Visual Decay.mp3
#EXTINF:401,Communic - My Bleeding Victim
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\06 My Bleeding Victim.mp3
#EXTINF:586,Communic - At Dewy Prime
\w_mp3\Communic\2006 Waves of Visual Decay\07 At Dewy Prime.mp3
#EXTINF:524,Communic - On Ancient Ground
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\01 On Ancient Ground.mp3
#EXTINF:525,Communic - The Abandoned One
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\02 The Abandoned One.mp3
#EXTINF:474,Communic - Becoming of Man
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\03 Becoming of Man.mp3
#EXTINF:452,Communic - Payment of Existence
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\04 Payment of Existence.mp3
#EXTINF:346,Communic - Through the Labyrinth of Years
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\05 Through the Labyrinth of Years.mp3
#EXTINF:498,Communic - Raven’s Cry
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\06 Raven’s Cry.mp3
#EXTINF:399,Communic - Unpredictables of Life
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\07 Unpredictables of Life.mp3
#EXTINF:551,Communic - Stone Carved Eyes
\w_mp3\Communic\2008 Payment of Existence\08 Stone Carved Eyes.mp3