Video Playback on WD 1 TB

So I just recently started having issues with my video playback with files on my hard drive. They either don’t open or start skipping as soon as the video opens. I have performed disk clean up, I have defragged and deleted and freed up space on the HD. Still there are numerous issues with playback. I have not dropped the HD, I actually keep it in a protective case most of the time. If anyone can help me figure out what to do it would be greatly appreciated.

What media player are you using with the drive?

Try testing the drive with chkdsk or Data Lifeguard.

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I am using VLC 1.1.9 and Windows Media Player 10. I have not tried chkdsk yet, but I will. I have never heard of Data Lifeguard, although at this point anything could help. Thanks for the help, I hope I will be able to remedy this catastrophy.