Video Playback is choppy

I have a My Book Essential and when I try to watch any videos that I have stored on it, the playback is choppy.  Any suggestions?  Thank you


How do you have this drive plugged in to your computer?

Please use Data Lifegard Diagnostic on your drive to run a quick and extended test.

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I ran the quick scan as suggested, it passed.  I haven’t done the extended scan yet, looks like that one could take awhile.  I thank you for your quick response.  I just have it plugged in to my computer in one of the USB ports.  I don’t have a 3.0 port, but I have it plugged in to a 2.0.  

I think that I might have discovered part of the problem actually.  It may be in part because of the media player that I was using.  I don’t usually use the Windows Media player, but I tried it earlier today, just to test it from another player, and it was much better.