Video Output Color Issue

Hello again,

God I love wasting time and money…thanks WD by the way. 

It’s me again regarding a strange behaviour concerning weird colors when I power on the player…

It’s not that obvious on this screenshot but here what it looks like when it’s OK:

I either have to shut down and power on a few times to get the colors back or mess with video settings.

Even in AUTO I sometimes get this issue.

After I force 720P 50/60hz I get the issue after restarting the player.

Thanks again :wink:

WDTV SMP is plugged in via HDMI.

For the curious I have a Thomson 32LB130S5 HD TV ready LCD TV. 

I’ve known 3 SMP firmware upgrades since I have the device and still have this issue on the latest firmware.

EDIT : After messing around with video output I experienced really strange behaviours however, I managed to have a working AUTO configuration BUT the output resolution is not optimal ! Cf screens on the same second of a 720p MKV video.

720p forced output

AUTO output

have you tried a diffrent hdmi cable i have had issues with hdmi cables some times the expensive ones are **bleep** and supossedly there are chips in the cable and like usb difrent versons also there is digital rights compatiblitly issue going on i know in the past i actually had to unplug my dvdrw from the tv just to watch a downloaded content from cnn off directv servers

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I have brand new samsung hdmi cable to test with, I’ll let you know by tomorrow how it worked out even  though I doubt it will work as this happened as soon as I plugged the WDTV live SMP.

EDIT: Tested a brand new samsung hdmi cable and still doesn’t work. This is a WD TV issue !


I don’t understand, links work…

Thanks for replying :wink:

Yep, they work now… Must have been a temporary glitch at the host site…