Video exits to the menu after a few minutes of playing

I just received my WD TV Live for christmas.  I set it up, easy enough, and hooked my 500 GB passport HD.  I tried to play 4 different AVI files and all of them exited to the menu screen after just a few minutes playing.

Anyone have some helpful hints as to what I may be doing wrong?


You are not alone in this.  Hopefully WD will be able to fix it soon.  In the mean time your only option is to transfer your files to a USB drive and then connect that to the WDTV Live.  Or, do as I did, and install B-rad’s “Hacked” firmware.  With that I was able to “Mount” a network drive so WD thought it was a local drive.  Works like a charm after that.

link to B-rads update as of 12-09  WD, you could really stand to hire B-rad for some consulting work. :smileyvery-happy: