Video Color

I just bought & installed the WD TV Mini Media Player and it works OK & plays the videos from the hard drive only in a blue tinge/color and poor resolution. I have seen these same files in vivid color & HD type resolution.

I have doublechecked the cables at theplayer and behind the Tv for correct & secure installtion and all seems OK.,



What connectors are you using ?  Component  (RGB) or HDMI ?

No problem with color here… If you are using component make sure the right colors are plugged in the right connectors on your TV and pushed in completly and the single end to your unit pushed in completly and SECURED, it should be pushed in completly and snap into place.   This sounds like a connection problem to either your TV or the unit - unplug cables and double check again.

Try resetting the unit and/or TV.

Otherwise you either have a defective cable or bad unit.

Thanx for the reply 8ball. I’m using component cable. Yup, checked & rechecked the pins for correct & secure installation. Also tried & re tried removing & reinstalling the pins several times - no joy. The only thing left is probably disconnecting and reconnecting the box. Are there any settings that may need to be adjusted or changed? 


we had the same problem with the colour when using our wd tv mini - we went into settings from the main menu and from Settings (the little cogs icon) we changed the Video Output Resolution to Component Y Pb Pr and chose PAL Interlace 576i (but we live in Australia) so you may need NTSC Interlace 480i   Good Luck - L

Thanks for your response elle67 & you too 8ball2001. After some discussion a nephew suggested looking at the progressive sacn setting in the setup mode and voila! I turned the PS on & I’m a happy dude. Thanks for the support