Video cables with crt tv

i just bought a 27 crt phillips tv for the room.i was wondering how is the wdtv live plus unit with component or composite connections? i read something about overscan issues with the old tv sets,something about needing to zoom out? i read it in these forums i just cant remember hehe. will i need to zoom out on netflix and dvd iso movies or just  regular avi,mpeg.etc files? i would like to hear on owners of crt tv sets,that would be great,also i would like to know if the wdtv live streamer is any better than the wdtv live plus with dealing with crt tv sets.:manhappy:

The new WD streaming media player does not have component video out. It only has composite and HDMI. You will have to get the Live Plus or the Hub to get component out.

I have a Live Plus but I have never used the component output so I can’t give you any first hand opinions, but overscan is a function of your TV set. Most analog TVs have some overscan but it is usually not that bad. If it is really bad, you might be able to adjust the settings on your TV to minimize it (usually you have to use the TV’s service menu to do that). As you said, you can also use the WD’s zoom function if it is really necessary.

what tv do u have?

Regardless what you have read about over scanning and under scanning, to correctly calibrate an analogue TV, it requires a test pattern generator, an oscilloscope and the manufacturer’s service manual.

The manufacturing specifications and tolerances of analogue TV’s are that broad that even if the correct equipment and tools were used there is no guarantee that an analogue TV will calibrate correctly to input a digitally generated video signal.