Video / Audio Sync issues with Bluray rips

I have recently purchased a WD Live to replace a Zyxel DMA1000, so already have a number of DivX AVi movies. These play fine (as far as I can tell) over network or from USB drive.

However I also have recently purchased a Bluray Player for PC and noticed that bluray rips and conversions are not synching correctly on the WD player though the network share / TVersity stream or USB drive, when they play perfectly fine on the PC. It seams that the audio is playing OK, but the video is skipping slightly, so that the lips do not always synch correctly.

Very strange to watch.

Any ideas on how to correct this, or do I have to sit and wait until WD issue a firmware fix?:cry:

Have you search the rest of the forum about this? I’d give it a try. Or, have you tried contacting WD’s Technical Support about this? I would consider giving them a call or sending them an email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support