Vibrations and constant activity (screens)

I purchased a WD My Book 3TB from amazon 2 weeks ago. Everything work fine but… Even when not in use there is a repeated vibration every 5 seconds~ and I see this activity:

I checked with a program to see what is accessing it and like i suspected…

What should I do?

The unit reports its status to WD Drive Utilities. The unit also links to WD SmartWare and WD Backup, which can run constitutions based on your settings. If needed, you can uninstall all bundled applications in order to minimize disk activity.

Ok thanks! But is the vibration ok? I can feel it through the desk, with my hand on the mouse

While the unit is active it may vibrate if the gripping pads are sliding. If the unit has no activity and vibrates a lot then perhaps it would be best to run a diagnostic test just in case.

That vibration is caused by the activity I was talking about, the one generated by western digital softwares, every 4 or 5 sec the hard drive vibrates