Vibration -- normal?

I have just purchased a MyBook Essential 2TB (USB3), and also a MyBook Live 2TB (Ethernet).

The MybookLive has absoluately no vibration at all, whereas with the Essential I can feel slight vibration from the motor (or spinning patters etc.) when I touch the case.

Is this normal? or is there something wrong / unbalanced spindle with the Essential to cause this slight vibration?

Thanks for any advice.

It is normal for a USB drive to vibrate, it is normal, do not worry about it

Thanks, but why is it “normal for a USB” drive? I understood that both the MyBook Live and the Essential use the same WD Green 2TB drive. ie Why would one vibrate and not the other?

Mine vibrates too, always has. It’s a big drive. I agree that this is most likely normal.

Most likely, the USB drive is been accessed more than your NAS, some drives vibrate more than others. Just to give you an example, I have several Passport drives, 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB, all USB 3.0, the 750 GB model vibrate a bit, now, the 1 TB is vibration free, I am 100 % sure that it vibrates to, but I have not noticed.

Ok I trust there’s nothing wrong with the drive – but I would prefer no vibration. As a mechanical engineer, I do know that zero vibration is preferable to having vibration in rotating machinery. I’ve never known vibration to increase the life of a component :wink: It only ever reduces it – especialy when it’s spinning at 6,000rpm!

Also, the point you make about one drive being accessed more than the other is not relevant here – because i notice it whether the drives are in idle or not. The only time the vibration stops is when it’s gone into ‘sleep’ mode – ie when the motor stops.