Very slow time machine backups on Mac

Just bought WD my cloud home duo 12TB and used in raid 1 on a Mac running OS Monterey. Almost all going well thus far. Have set up time machine. However it is (more than expected for the first backups on new WD Duo) taking a long time. I have heard that things would have been better if I had first changed the discs format to APFS. Interesting that in using Disc Utility, the disc image for time machine appears to be APFS!! I just used the Duo straight out of the box and didn’t specify APFS. Nor did I see an option to specify APFS - but I appear to have it. TM is still very slow. Can anyone explain to me what is going on with the a) TM backup time and b) how did the TM disc image come to be APFS? I am not sure I have a solution to improve performance. Puzzled. Cheers, Rob

Hi @Rob-H,

Please refer to the article Time Machine Backup Takes a Long Time to Complete on Network Storage Device:

Dear Keerti, I have checked the document you gave the link and all the requirements are fullfilled from my side. I have bought a WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra 8TB. I unpacked it and i am running the time machine backup from my Mac on OS Mojave. I have used Raid 1. When I am chekcing in the WD application on my browser it shows transmission rates of 10mbps. When I’am doing a speedtest of the intenet connection I am getting 250mbps at the same time. I am running a back up of 1,6TB and it runs for 24 hours already. 10mbps seems to slow. The NAS is connected to a 1gbps ethernet port. I am as close as I can to the router. Any hints? That would be great!

open the time machine preference by cliking, I a running a back up of 19tb and it runs for 224 hours already.10mbps seems to slow.