Very slow start-up of WD TV HD Media Player

I recently bought a  WD TV HD Media Player and am very pleased with its performance - EXCEPT:

It takes ages to start-up/initialise - several minutes! I have a 500 Gig HD attached to it and it reads the files without any problems, so I don’t think it’s a drive related problem.

I notice that a folder .wd_tv is created on the HD and flash device I attach. This seems to be a database that’s created for fast access of the files. The start-up delay seems to be because the database appears to be re-built every time the Media Player is switched on. Is this re-build necessary - I would have thought that it’s sufficient to do it the once and only rebuild if files are added or removed?


Perhaps you could delete the .wdtv folder and let the unit create it again. It may be that the current database is corrupted and causing problems.