Very slow external disk

Hi everyone!

First of all I have to apologize for my english, because I’m not a native speaker:)

So, I have a problem with my external hard drive (WD 1.5TB, WD15EADS). Suddenly it started to work really slow. When connected to PC via USB, the PC hardly or even doesn’t boot, it just freezes. If WD disconnected, PC starts normaly. 

If I connect the drive via SATA controller, I can see it in BIOS - but PC won’t start either (as in previous case). But if I use Hirens CD and Volkov Commander for example, then I see the drive and I can “move” through the folders and files. And the problem is: I can’t copy any file to an other drive (internal). I have few questions now:

  1. Do you think my SATA controller has failed? If so, can I replace it and where can I get one?

  2. Are there maybe some bad sectors and if so, which tool will help me fix them?

  3. Which tool should I use to get data back?

Drive is still under warranty though, but I I really need some data from it.

Any suggestion is appreciated and I’m thanking you in advance!

Best regards,


If you connected thw drive internally from the SATA controller then it is no longer under warranty, it’s voided when you open the drive. You can get the controller on e-bay, but you’ll need to look for the exact model number of the drive with the revision to find it.