VERY noisy 750 GB Black Scorpio

I very recently purchased a WDC 750 GB Black Scorpio drive for my laptop that has periods when it is VERY noisy. It is so loud that it actually distracts me from my work. I have a few more of the exact same drive and they are very quiet. I’m afraid that the drive is about to fail even though it is new. Does anyone else have this “problem”?


Hello there,

try to run a diagnostic on the drive to see if there is any errors present, you can diagnose the drive using Data lifeguard diagnostic on it, here is a link to download the software:

It depends on what “noisy” is. The Black Scorpio is a powerful drive, it was made for Gaming and Performance. So the “noise” is of course higher than a WD Blue for example.

You may check the mounting of your drive, maybe the vibrations are transmitted through the moutning onto the chassis and there causing resonance vibrations. You maybe can put some neoprene strips between the drive and the chassis to decouple the drive (and its vibrations) from the resonance body of the chassis.