Very disappointed

I own an iMac mid-2010 and my Caviar Black failed in one and half year light use the worst is when i put the serial number in the site it said NO LIMITED WARRANTY-40 this means the 5 years guranteel become 1 year as the iMac for the same disk to force us buy apple extended gurantee(+400euros) oh well  done Western Digital nice customer support 5 years become 1.You were to be number one disk manifacturer for all my past computers but NEVER again.

Hello mate, I can guest that your hard drive came with the Mac, right? So that would make it an OEM hard. Follow the link below to see what that implies.

Well, another Black Caviar 1 TB drive will cost you 100-150 euros, so in a way, that’s cheaper than the 400 euros you would pay for the extended warranty. The Black Caviars are usually reliable (except for the 500 GB models). You can try again.