Verifying firmware update - current version lookup

I have a MYCloud EXC2 ULTRA running two identical WD RED hard drives in Raid1 configuration. Very generic.

I have upgraded to MYCloud OS5 some time back. All works well given my usage as simple NAS for shared files for several PCs and as a backup device.

Question - how do I look up the current Firmware version at Western Digital? I can find my firmware version fine, easy right on the MyCloud settings menu. 5.17.107. But how do I find the release date of that firmware?

Couldn’t find on the WD site - seem like it should be easy to find.

Thanks in advance.

One place to find the current firmware and it’s release date is on the support page for your device. Look in the Downloads then Software for GPL/Firmware then Current Firmware. A link to the release notes is also there. For example for the EX2 Ultra:

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Thanks. That is what I was looking for.