VelociRaptor: WinDLG won't fix bad sector

WD6000HLHX SMART data indicates 200 bad sectors but has a green checkmark in WinDLG 124.

However Windows 7 keeps logging system event messages indicating bad sector(s). WinDLG extended test does not fix this issue (neither does chkdsk /f /r). Microsoft “Windows Home Server” backup aborts when attempting to backup from this drive, also claiming irrecoverable read error.

Any suggestions? Should I RMA the drive? Any other diagnostic / corrective measures recommended first?

Hi bad sectors only increase so it is best to backup your data and RMA the drive. You can check the warranty status here and also start the RMA

I apologize that my post was too subtle, and will try to be more explicit.

Can WinDlg be persuaded to emit somethbing useful from an “extended test” beyond merely reporting SMART data? If so, through what means?

Can anyone in the community provide insight on the criteria by which WinDlg provides a green checkmark for 200 bad sectors, and what the threshold is for indicating an RMA-able failure for this drive type? A 200 unrecoverable sector failure likely indicates imminent drive failure, especially when chkdsk /f/r is unable to clear ongoing permanent I/O errors.

Can anyone in the community provide insight on whether WDC will reject or accept the RMA request based on the experienced symproms described above?

Thanks to all