Velociraptor removing icepack to use in 2.5" HP DL380G6 Bay, is it possible?


I have a couple of WD Velociraptors with Icepack, I will like to know if I can remove the icepack and install them on the HP 2.5" hot swap tray, in the HP Proliant DL380G6 backplane, this server has some serious fans on it, so I don’t think I would have any serious temperature issues, but I will prefer know what you guys think about it, is it safe?, is it compatible with the sas backplane?

I already used SATA WD RE4 3.5 Drives on another HP server, but this one has only 2.5 " bays, and SAS drives are insanely expensive.

thank you


I have never tried this since it is not supported and it will void the warranty on the drive. Maybe other users have tried this before and can share some information about this topic.

I am out of warranty already so that’s not a concern for me.

just wanna know if they will work out of the icepack like any normal 2.5" enterprise SATA drive.

Ok I disassemble the ICEPACK from the velociraptor drive and I can see 2 thermal phase change pads touching 2 areas of the velociraptor, this could be a problem, since there is no such a thing on the SAS HP TRAY, nothing that makes contact, is this essential for the velociraptor to work?, if it is, then it is not possible to operate it without the icepack adapter.

Just in case I reasemble the icepack-drive again, until I can get more info about this. (I love these velociraptors drives, i don’t wanna lose them :smiley: )