VCD question

I just bought a 2 TB My Book Essential which is unopened at the moment.  Like many others I did not want the VCD or Smartware with it.

But a thought occurred to me that maybe the VCD can be of some use.

Can I boot off the VCD?  My BIOS can boot off CDs or USB drives (both flash drives as well as HDD).  If I replace Smartware with my system recovery/disk image program that runs in a WinPE environment, it would be easy to restore my system disk.  I can rename the program to smartware.exe if that helps.

Anyone know if thi will work?

Hi there!!

In theory you could if you could change the content of the VCD, which is just a locked read-only partition made to look like a CD… So unless you can find a way to crack it and modify the partition, then not likely.

So is this VCD going to screw up booting from the disk completely; i.e., is the MBR and track 0 taken up by the read-only portion of the VCD?

I can write to the MBR and track 0 of my new My  Passport drive after I reformatted and cleaned the drive.  But I don’t know if that shut down the VCD or I was just lucky in getting one without the VCD, which I learned that WDC is now shipping.

Yep, drives with the VCD partition have not work that well as boot drives so far…

Well, if you post the model number of the Passport then I’ll let you know if it came with or without the VCD, so you can try it!

The Passport model number is WDBACX0010BBK, 1 TB My Passport Essential.

The drive had a file on it called VCDVersion.xml saying it was version PPCRR2A.

But after reformatting with the HP USB Storage tool and cleaning with Diskpart, I have seen no evidence of the VCD. Running WDC’s firmware updater and Virtual VCD Manager both returned saying no Smartware drive was found.  I also have a full terabyte of storage.

I am 80% confident that this drive is bootable. I am trying to use a syslinux boot loader to link to my software and I haven’t quite got that working yet, but I’m pretty sure the boot loader got loaded.

If this Passport drive indeed did have a VCD, then I planned to use the same procedure with the 2 TB My Book Essential.

If it didn’t, then my procedure is in doubt.