VCD and Smartware on My Passport Essential SE 1 TB

I purchased the hdd yesterday. I just had to install the WD SES device driver, and I didn’t install Smartware or any software that came with hdd. I saw some posts relating to VCD, however I haven’t noticed any virtual cd autorun menu on Windows 7, so is this something that comes with the installation of the smartware or is it some kind of hidden partition?


Hi there!

The older SE drives have the VCD as a secondary partition, the current SE drives have the VCD (Now called “Unlocker”) as a secondary partition that remains hidden until you create a password.

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Thanks! So can I connect it to my Xbox360?

To use it with the 360 you’ll need to format it as FAT32, but most of the times it doesn’t work with this drive due to the firmware… Try it out though, worst case is that your 360 won’t see the drive.

BTW: Windows will not let you format that drive as FAT32, you’ll need a partition software.