Variables to use in Large Video Browse Page

Hi, I changed a little the  rv_large_video_browse_page.xml   and I thinked I can use also one variable for director’s movie. I try to replace the variables “@@duration_” with “@@director_” but it doesn’t work. Anyone can help me? Do you know how can I use the director variable in the page? Im rv_gallery_browse_page.xml there’s a variable called “@@director” but it work in another way, there’s a list to scroll in the bottom and the choise movie in the top where we can see the movie’s info.

Hi, try sending a private message to  Tinwarble, he knows a lot about this. 

You can’t.

Very few variables are interchangable with other views and only work in the view that you find them, the @@director variable is only good in the Gallery view and you can’t use it in any other view.

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Thank you!

…what’s the right question? :slight_smile:

do you have a list of variable I can use in different views? Or do you know i can create some variable?