Variable Frame Rate problems? DVD to MKV

Ok, Long Winded Question here…

I’ve recently ripped my Star Trek: Next Generation Season 2 discs.

The EXTRAS at the end of the last disk are creating problems.

I’m using HANDBRAKE to recode them to h.264 MKVs with Passthru AC3 and Soft Subtitles.

When I coded the first couple of them (there’s 6, I think) they were horribly out of sync.  I finally determined that a couple of them have VARIABLE frame rates; they go back and forth between 23.976 and 29.97 frames per second.  

The REST of them (that don’t get out of sync) don’t appear to be variable; they appear to be fixed at 23.976 all the way through the video.

I discovered that if I transcode the troublesome ones by setting HandBrake to FIXED Framerate that it works OK, but the video quality suffers in the sections that are not at the same framerate in the video  (IE, the parts that are on the DVD in 29.97 fps don’t look as good if I set HandBrake to code at 23.976fps, and vice versa.)

But leaving HandBrake set to “Same as Source,” where it leaves the frame rate as-is, is unworkable on these videos.

I can’t tell if this is a Handbrake problem, or a WDTV problem.

I’m thinking it’s a WDTV problem, because the MKVs play fine on my PC, and if I use the MKV->DIVX converter, the resulting DIVX files play fine on the WDTV, too (with the same noted loss of quality described above.)

I don’t want to have to Re-Rip and re-transcode my library if this is a bug that might get fixed.

Can anyone out there comment?

(((EDIT:  Uhm, sheepish grin…  I searched again and this time found a few posts referencing the same problem; WD Bug.   Never Mind!  :)   )))

Glad you did your research.  We are definitely working on these issues. 

Sorry but my English is small.
This big problem of VARIABLE FRAME RATE does not exist in VERSION firmware 1.01.00.
This old version works perfect w/ variable frame rates. Maybe this information will help in the correction for future versions. We’re still waiting …

Mine turned out to be a Handbrake issue.

After several generations of HandBrake upgrades (using the nightly builds) the problem went away.  All my encodes are fine now.

Are you using the latest Handbrake v. 0.9.4? Which profile do you use? Are you still using passthru? Not to digress, but I’m waiting for the pre-release firmware to become an official firmware release before I update my WD TV Live. This will allow me to take advantage of DVD menus! Yet, I’m still on the fence as to whether I should convert all my episodic DVDs to .mkv (it would save me uber-space). Anyways, just curious if it’ll be worth doing.

No, I’m using the “Nightlies.”  I think right now I’m on build 3380.

I have NO idea which one between 0.9.4 and 3380 fixed the issue.  After I re-ripped my library as ISO, I decided to re-encode the troubled files (which were DviX’d to fix them) and they worked fine without having to tweak Hanbrake’s frame rate.

I have Uber-Space available on my ~6TB usable space NAS.   Even after re-ripping … let’s see … 268 of them as of now, I still have 2.75TB of space left.

I’ve kept the MKVs for quite a few of the disks where I’m not interested in the menus.  Most of my re-rips are my Star Trek stuff (I have EVERY movie, and EVERY episode ever made (including the Un-aired “The Cage”, and the Animated Series.  Yes I’m a Trekker!)   The rest are some of my daughters’ DVDs that have games and stuff included on them.