Utilities for network drives?

Hello, just purchased WD Cloud Mirrored drive, with no previous experience with networked drives. I am heavily dependent on external storage but it has always been sata, usb, or firewire, usuallly mirrored RAID. Though willing to try a network drive, I purchased this based on a salesperson telling me it could be used conventionally via usb3 so I could proceed normally then learn the network approach. Of course this turns out not to be true. So I’m with using it via network. Over the years, utilities like Disk Warrior have saved my life on numerous occasions and are regularly used tools for me. After a lot of searching it looks like this can’t be done over a network. The WD software has diagnostics, but no repairs like directory work etc… 1) Are there any options I am not aware of?.. and 2) is physically removing the HDs one at a time and placing in a conventionally connected enclosure a viable approach to maintenace and repair? Thanks for your patience with my newbieness…

Definitely the wrong story, My Cloud devices are network attached storages with their own intelligence aks operating system. Their way of communicate with the network is their network line, USB is available for attaching external drives to the My Cloud to use them as backup drives or additioanl storage. The USB port(s) of the My Cloud device(s) cannot be used as communication port with PCs or Mac to use a My Cloud as a direct attached storage.

And therefore you don’t need any tools as all tools you need are packed into the Linux operating system on the My Cloud itself. Why you want to do maintenance or repair on an internal NAS drive? You cannot do any maintenance on these drives as they are managed by the Linux operating system.