Uspecified difference between My Passport and My Passport Ultra 2019 Model

  1. WDBYFT0040BBK-WESN (The 2016 model) Amazon Link
  2. WDBFTM0040BBL-WESN (The 2019 model) Amazon Link

Hi, I was wondering about the differences. I’ve looked online for comparisons, however, I didn’t get a satisfying conclusion to my questions, so I can’t make up my mind on which one to get.

The two models cost nearly the same at this point, however, I was wondering about the reliability.
The old model has been around for longer so I suppose it has a track record, however I’m assuming that the newer model has a newer model hard drive, therefore, more reliable (I can’t actually find what 2.5 hard drives were used in these enclosures). That being said before the price decrease the old hard drive used to cost more.

Can anyone advise on which one to get? Thank you.
Also, does connecting the 2019 USB-C Model to USB 3.0 worsen the performance of the hard drive?

I wouldn’t assume that. A New model hard drive can fail at any time just like an Old model hard drive. I’ve got hard drives well over 10 Years old that are still running fine … and new ones that have failed.

And remember, (as a comparison) the good old CRT TV’s made decades ago ? they could last 20~30 Years or more … i think you’d be lucky to get 5~6 Years out of ‘New’ TV today.

Anyways, back to Hard drives … the only obvious difference i can see is the New Model is USB-C and USB 3.0 compatible the old model is USB 3.0 and 2.0 backwards compatible

Lastly a piece of personal advice … whenever you plan to buy a Hard Drive, Buy 2 Of Them. Use the 2nd hard drive to keep a backup of all your data from the 1st one.

For piece of mind about “reliability”… if one fails, you have a back up.

Sure, it costs more … but it’s a heck of lot cheaper if you have to pay for a Professional Data Recovery Service to rescue your data if a hard drive fails.