Using WDT V Live with a Mac - Thumbnail Question

Hey everybody, had an inquiry:

I am currently using my WDTV Live to stream files that are stored on my Mac in Itunes (Movies and TV Shows Only)

I have Itunes set up to automatically organize my movie and TV shows folders on my mac - and each movie has an image attached to it through iTunes as cover art.

When viewing these files on the WDTV in thumbnail mode - the cover art for each movie takes an extremely long time to load (I would say about 3 minutes total for one screen’s worth of movie files) and some of them do not even load at all.

Is there anyone using the same general set up as me but having better luck in thumbnail mode? If so, could you work with me to help me figure out what we may be doing different?

Thank you in advance

I had problems with thumbnails as well.  I tagged all my videos with MetaX and couldn’t get them to display at all until i changed the file extension from m4v to MP4. I used Handbrake to rip DVD’s and it uses the extension m4v.  Which is correct, MP4 can mean audio or video.  MP4 is wrong, as it doesn’t specify audio or video as you can use Mpeg4 encoding to do audio or video.

MetaX is good btw, it downloads movie posters and all the IMDB tags automatically.  Good for videos not bought thru iTunes or ripped from DVD, where you don’t get the thumbnails or metatags.

Have you tried renaming the extension?  might help.

Yes I have the same issue, WD does not display Move Tag information very well or not at all for *.m4v.

Also, has problems with chapters.

For the previous reply I concur Metax is a great tool for updating MP4 tag information.

Apple TV got it right with this aspect of organizing videos for sure. Except I hate itunes.

I also tried renaming *.m4v to *.mp4’s and you get the thumbnail picture.

Not worth the hassel though if you can’t see all the movie information.

PopCorn Hour also has issues with the video meta data or Tag but there is allot of Popcorn freeware ,skins and tools that create  a repository of all this data in a directory.  You end up with similar display as Apple TV, really cool.  And they even have skins for real movie buffs that want all the inside information about the movie or posters.

Wish WD would get this to work, All it is a standarized meta data field at the beginning of the video file. Just takes a f/w engineer to read the data and display it.