Using WD EX2 HDD In New Computer

I was wondering how I could use the HDD inside of my WD EX2 as a secondary HDD on my new computer.

There is only one drive in the EX2 and I have almost 2TB of data on their I want to just have direct access to in my new computer. The HDD is a WD RED 3TB. 

When I installed it last night it found the drive but it wouldn’t allow me to open the drive. Is there a setting or something I can do to take it out of the WD EX2 and into my computer to get direct access to my files? Thanks

Welcome to the Community.

You can either map the share with your data as instructed in the following link:

Or you can create an ISCSI target to your computer as instructed in page 88 of the User’s manual in following link: