Using Volme Mount Points instead of drive letters causes problems for Quickview

Hi All

I am adding extra MBE drives to my environment and running out of drive letters. So, I’ve used Volume Mount Points (W7 Ultimate 64bit) and removed the corresponding drive letters. All works fine, EXCEPT that my Quickview icon in the systray flashes green continuously and remains in discovery mode.

Is this a bug or a feature?



I guess you need to reach WD support for this…

Thanks. But I think UK Support has gone on holiday or closed down as I’ve raised two tickets (the second to log the lack of response to the first) and had nothing but an automated acknowledgement. :mansad:

Seems nobody in the community has anything much to offer on this, so will probably not check back.

If there are any moderators about they may as well close this thread down as it doesn’t look as if it will go anywhere.