Using USB instead of Thunderbolt


I have been using my G RAID for a while now on my laptop with Thunderbolt. But recently built a new computer and the motherboard does not support Thundrebolt. I have been trying to use the USB connector instead, but the drive is constantly having problems. Sometimes it will not read the drive and I have to restart the computer server times before it will read it, other times it just stops working after it has been fine for hours. I do not have any issues with other drives on the newly built computer. Also, the drive works perfectly with my old laptop with Thunderbolt.

What is the issue, do these drives work badly with USB? Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

Hi @Jason01,

There could be a USB compatibility/defective issue.

Try removing some of the other USB devices connected to the same drive to see if the drive can be recognized. Also, try moving the drive to a different input after first safely stopping the drive with the Windows/macOS system to prevent data corruption or loss.