Using SmartWare Virtual CD as a TrueCrypt Traveler Disk

Has anybody an idea, how to write data to the SmartWare Virtual CD? Unfortunately, this drive seems to be write protected.

More precise, I’m interested to use the Virtual CD as a TrueCrypt Traveler Disk. Therefore, I need to be able to write few files to that drive. I think it’s the perfect partition (don’t want to create another one) to do so as there must be some additional space available.

The Smartware VCD is a rootkit, and it is concealed (protected) for a purpose. You will not be able to do anything with it, unless you want to void the warranty of your drive. You should contact WD and ask them why they are distributing products to consumers plagued with a non-removable rootkit disguised as some piece of functionless software.

Otherwise, I would advise you to find some other method to produce the result you desire.