Using MyCloud as iTunes library


I have just received a new laptop. (a Lenovo Ideapad) which is running using Windows 10.

On my previous device I used MyCloud as the library for my iTunes media and this worked exceptionally well. However on my new laptop I cannot get iTunes to find MyCloud when attempting to change the library location from the preferences,

In the network settings MyCloud is shown as a media device and storage. But I cannot get it to be viewed in iTunes at all.

Does anyone have any ideas to help?

Thank you

Does the My Cloud show up under Computer in addition to Media Device and Storage? If not that indicates a problem with Windows 10.

There are lots of complaints about Windows 10 having trouble accessing or even showing the My Cloud properly. There is the following thread that may help resolve certain issues with Windows 10 not properly seeing the My Cloud.

It isn’t showing as a computer, which I’m guessing it needs to do.

Have been through the guide and still no luck

I just added another option to try that may or may not help. Its rather involved however. Its listed under Method 6 in…