Using MyBook to automatically back up *.mts files [HD AVCHD video files]

Hi there,

I have noticed that the My Book Essential I own doesn’t actually back up the HD video files I need it to back up…!

I have a 1 TB My Book ( Model WDBAAF0010HBK-AESN) that I would like to use to backup recorded HD video (AVCHD) from a  Canon Vixia HF200.

The files that the camera produces have the *.mts extension.

The trouble that I have is that My Book doesn’t back these files up…! It doesn’t seem to recognize them as video files.

Is there a way to add the *.mts extension to the list of files My Book classifies under the “Video” category…?

Will firmware fix it? - If not, is it on the product road map (timings) for a future firmware fix? - I don’t want to risk loosing irreplaceable family HD footage due to an internal hard drive crash. 

Note: All HD camcorders from Sony, Panasonic and Canon produce mts files…

Thanks for your help.

Any ideas guys…? - Or am I the only one with this problem…? :wink:

I had 2 needs, first to free up space on a PC overflowing with HD video files, second to send the files to archiving in a  safe place.

I have just backed up 70GB of Sony AVCHD files a few days ago from an almost full desktop PC, onto a new 1TB MyBook Smartdrive. All 3 Sony file types are definitely there, .modd , .moff and m2ts, listed side by side in file number set, with notation of date taken and file size. Just had to hit the retrieve button and drill down to find the files, but didn’t  go ahead with retieval. Fortunately I’d organized all the files on PC into categories a few weeks ago before the backup, so maybe it’s a bit easier.

I can see how it will become difficult to retrieve quickly over time, however, as the mass of files grows, so maybe the way is to use a traditional MyBook unit for external storage of files that need to be actively accessed and referred to, as for  video editing process.

My view, until WD come up with easier access software, use the Smartware unit for ease of mind backup only, and regular external drives for files that you need easy access to. Video editing sofware in particular needs easy access, but the present retrieval process looks a bit cumbersome from where I sit.    




Ok I have updated firmware and software to the latest releases, but this issue is still not fixed.

DougWoo, I presume you are using the “other” category to backup the m2ts files - correct…?

As per the file extension definitions, neither *.mt2s or *.mts are classified as “Video”. This, of course, is a mistake.

I’m a bit confused why WD has not classified one of the most popular AVCHD HD file extensions as “video”…!!

WD staff can you add this to your next firmware / software release?

Does anyone know how I can get WesternDigital to add *.mts as a file extension to the “video” category…?

Do they read these forums…?

At the moment I’ve solved it by backing up the “other category”. But the overall outcome is really quite stupid to be blunt.

I have 25GB of HD video content as *.mts files in the “other category” and 125GB of files other than *.mts

So to back up my growing library of *.mts files I also need to back up the 125GB random ■■■■ and waste backup space!! 

83% space wastage is not really very useful at all…!

Can this be fixed?

Depends where you want to go with the backed up files:

  1. try associating one of your .mts files first with a programme that will open/ work with AVCHD files. After associating my files with Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra as opening & editing tool, no probs with Sony files .m2ts, .mod and .moff…all are there on, in my case, a 1TB Smartware external drive.
  2. Next…OK they’re there, but accessing the files…just a long list of files, with no sub categories.
  3. my stumbled on solution…forget automatic saving, set up the Smartware drive as a conventional MyBook external drive…but unable to remove the Smartware software (kept coming back).
  4. successfully removed by reformatting the drive to a NTFS file system (free download from Microsoft), it overwrites the external hard disk. Be sure to retrieve any files first before  this procedure.
  5. Big benefit…go to Google for more about NTFS…basically built for working with the bigger AVCHD video files, not like the older Fat 32 which has quite small file size limitations.

My end result, have a big external drive for storage (but still have to do manual backups), but have open ability to set up file catalogues in the normal way, esseantial to finding your ( and your editing software) way through to multiple files.

Hope this helps, it’s taken me 6 months to get to a good resolution.    

Thanks for the tips - but any ideas how I can add *.mts files to the “video” category manually? WD staff - any comments from you on this?


Have you searched the rest of the forum about this? I’d give it a try. You can also contact WD’s Technical Support by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hi guys,

I contacted support and they were not helpful at all.

After more research it appears HP’s SimpleSave does exactly what I need:

Page 10, at the top: Custom file extension backup, in additional to category-level backup.

I’ll get one of those, which will allow me to backup *.mts files against the “Video” category.

WD I suggest you update your firmware / software.

Edit: Found out that even though the HP drive has software capability to configure file extensions, *.mts already exists under “Video” out-of-the-box.


I have the Panasonic HDC-SD600, this too records in the AVCHD mode.

I can put the SD card into my pani tv and thats good, but i wanted to buy this drive for backing up the large files.

I have just emailed WD,  trying to find out if there is a way around backing up and the mybook 2tb actual streaming it to my ps3.

I guess noone has had any luck yet?