Using My Passport Essential to move files from PC to Mac

Good morning

I have a My Passport Essential for Windows which has all the backed up data from my old Dell PC. I was hoping to use it to move all that data onto my new Mac, and while I have installed WD Smartware onto the Mac, it isn’t seeing the files on the drive.

It says ‘no writable WD Smartware partition found’.

Having read a few posts I’m thinking that I may have to modify the Passport but didn’t want to lose all the data.

Can you help with a solution please?

Many thanks for your help in advance.


Do not use smartware as it will required to format the drive and therefore erase the data

just connect the drive to the Mac and drag and drop the files

the drive is read only at the moment since it is formatted as NTFS ( Windows )

after you migrate the data you can use NTFS-3G or reformat the drive as HFS+J ( Mac only )