Using My Passport as data storage between PC and MAC

Hello All!

Just received my hard drive in the mail, a few days before my new MacBook gets here. Here’s my situation:

Now that I’m finally upgrading to a new computer, I’ve decided that rather than storing all my music/photos/videos on the computer internally, I would rather have it all on an external hard drive. Currently, I have a PC, and my MacBook is supposed to be coming early next week. I understand that I’m going to have to reformat the hard drive for the Mac, but I’m wondering if it would be possible to initiate the file transfer process now? I’m going away to school a few days after the MBP’s scheduled arrival, so it would be nice to get a head start if possible. 

Thanks to all in advance!

First make sure you have more that one copy of your data. A drive formatted NTFS for Windows will be read only on a Mac. You can try downloading NTFS-3G then the drive should work on both.