Using 'My Media Library' causes stuttering?

Bought wdtv live yesterday and spent a bit of time setting up the internal media library (the tvlive is wired to my qnap nas with about 250 movies).

Anyway, when i run serviio media server on my nas and use that as my content source on the tvlive, movies stream fine.

however, when i select the contant source ‘my media library’ the playback of the very same movies is unbearable with nonstop stuttering.

I actually prefer the tvlive’s own internal media server, but obviously it cant seem to play movies very well at all.

are there any suggestions to get playback to work using the builtin media server?

Ok, after further investigation, its happening with only certain movies, so I assume the likes of Avatar has just too high a bitrate or has some other issue the internal media player cannot handle. Strange that its streams fine using an external media streamer though?

Did you check if you have the latest firmware update? Don’t really know why it would not play the same movie fine from the media library. 

Yup, firmware is up to date.

I can only assume when the mediaplayer (serviio) on the NAS is streaming, there is absolutely nothing for the wd tv live to do so the movie works fine, but when I try and get the wd tv live to ‘serve’ the movie it just doesnt have the grunt to decode fast enough.

i have now watched one or two movies using the inbuilt mediaplayer and there was (very rare) stuttering. This to me is totally unacceptable. The wdtvlive is actually a bit of a disappointment after reading so many good things about it. I will persevere, but if stuttering continues iwill go back to my ps3 until someone releases a powerful media streaming device with decent grunt.