Using My Book Studio Edition II with Windows & Mac


I have two 4TB externals, both of them have a lot of data.

& recently i bought a Mac, when i connected my external

to the Mac i didn’t see the external & looked up this site

i have found a solution:-

List of Mac-bootable WD external drives and how to format them to install on operation system

but the thing is:-

  1. i don’t know it this is the right way to do it for my use! ( it says format, i don’t wont to format )

  2. well this erase the data on my externals?

  3. well i be able to use it in both Windows & Mac?

Mate, you need to format the drive into Fat32 or use the Mac application NTFS 3G

thanks, but first of all i need my external to show up in Finder;

Which they don’t <<<<<<<< thats my real problem here!!!

You will probably need to install the WD RAID Manager and possibly the Turbo drivers it might be a good idea to revies the install instructions too.


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