Using My Book Essential as a media server

Hi there. I was wondering if its possible to use my My Book Essential 2TB as a sort of NAS/Media server?

I have a Boxee Box and a WD TV Live Hub in my house, and I wanted to be able to play my BluRay movies through LAN, without having to connect my external drive to either my BB or WD TV Live Hub, but I have no idea if this is possible? Right now, I have that external drive as I mentioned, and I have a regular modem/router from my ISP.

Would I have to get a “special” router to be able to do this? And is it even possible with a My Book Essential?

Don’t know about boxe but it will work connected to the Hub

you don’t need an special router but you need to make sure the router supports the capacity of the drive

WD recently launched some routers so you might want to consider those if thinking about buying routers

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Okay. I bought a router a week or so back. I then connected my external drive through USB and then ethernet cable to my WD TV Live Hub. It was a Gigabit router. But when I tried to play both my BluRay rips and DvD rips, then it stuttered and had trouble opening them.

Did I do something wrong?

Try the WD TV Live Hub Forum for help with this type of questions

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